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 An organisation's most valuable asset is its employees: 
specifically their brain power


By arming employees with an understanding of their brain and how to care for it, your organisation's productivity and profitability will flourish.

The data

Prioritising Mental Health

"Organisations that prioritise mental health have: increased productivity, improved worker engagement, better recruitment and employee retention"

Employer of Choice Study, 2014

Mental Illness

"~50% of Australian adults experience a mental disorder in their lifetime"

National Survey of Mental Health


Return on Investment

"Every dollar invested in employee mental health has an average positive return on investment of 2.3"

Pricewaterhouse Coopers, 2014


Ever wondered why you get that ‘after-lunch-slump’?

In the Physical Health Workshop Dr North explains how different molecules in what we eat signal the brain to ‘rest & digest’ and she gives tips for energy boosting food types.

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Do you and your colleagues feel different since the pandemic?

In the

Mental Health and Resilience Workshop,

Dr North explains how social isolation can physically change the brain and our emotions, then discusses strategies to build resilience

Young man covered in sticky notes, work

Why do some people thrive under pressure while others struggle ?

In the Understand and Manage Stress Workshop, Dr North explains how stress can be used as a productivity booster but ensures you understand how long term stress can be detrimental


Darrell- Manager- PwC

"Dr. Hayley North's expertise in neuroscience and wellbeing is exceptional. Her workshops were well-structured, and the interactive exercises were informative and practical. Dr. North's Q&A session was a highlight of the program, providing a safe space for everyone to ask questions and share their experiences. Overall, Dr. North's program was an impactful and valuable experience, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve the wellbeing and productivity of their staff within any professional environment."

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